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What is Closer?

Closer is for busy people who want to stay in touch with business prospects, kids’ activities, socializing with friends, setting up gigs or just checking out nearby events.
It means you’re available online when you want to be and can check out what’s going on when you want, where you want.
Closer is different because it adapts to geographical locations and recognizes trends and related scenarios.
You can create a gig or an event and make it available to your community of selected contacts. With Closer,everything is in one place.
It saves time, saves money, and lets you stay in touch with friends, family and fans.

Who is it for?

It’s for busy people like you who want to stay in touch. It’s for busy working Moms. It’s for millennials who always want to stay in touch.
We see this as a large market based on the number of active social media uses (of which there are 2.307 billion). Also, Closer works on a mobile phone – there are 1.968 billion active mobile phone users who access social media via their smartphone.
Closer has five app groups for busy people, all in one place.

• Hangout – this lets you create or participate in an organized date
• Gigs – you can look for or offer gigs free of charge or for a fee
• Games – lets you organize games or participate in them with your friends
• Events – allows you to participate in events and invite others to join in
• Deals – it lets you see promotions from local restaurants, retailers, places in your area.

Closer helps you get closer to friends, family, and fans. Get new connections. You can communicate, socialize, and find real time activities and entertainment, all at locations close to you, all accessible in one place.

We are launching on

January 1, 2017


Closer pairs real life dating with online dating helping people use technology to find a date or meet someone.
Existing dating applications have too many limitations and require multiple steps to complete the process. Closer rekindles the thrill of a first date, making it easier to meet someone. If you don’t have a date but want to go with friends to a club or event, Closer scans your network to see who else is going. If you have basketball game tickets and all your friends are busy, Closer will help you organize your perfect hangout.
Closer makes it possible to prescreen candidates and find a compatible partner for your hangout.


Before social media, we had the kid next door who could go to the corner grocery store to pick up milk for a reward of $5 or a candy bar. There are always tasks where we need help or tasks that we’d like to do for someone and get paid for our efforts. Closer makes it easy to display your skills and tell people what you can do for them. You can upload your profile and do what is best for you. The better you do, the better your rating and chance to be chosen again.


Closer finds opportunities for users to socialize with each other through sports, games, and competitions. The app matches players to activities. Need a fourth for tennis? Want to play beach volleyball? Closer creates, suggests and promotes different games and activities to its users.


Closer helps users promote events to their Closer community. Closer can organize the party and help create more connections to invite more people to come. It can also help organize social events that address today’s important problems.


As a small to medium sized business you’re looking for ways to promote your produce or venue on social media. Closer will let client know about a Happy Hour or free hors d’oeuvres at your bistro. The Closer app combines demographic data to target your prime customer. Closer’s geographic features can be used as a tactic to get customers: Knowing the location of dealership A, dealership B can send an offer to A’s customers to visit the B store for an in-store discount. These features are profitable for users and small business. The deals app can also serve as a billboard for a small business’s events and special offers.
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